Eric M Suzanne

the future

SassConf 2015: Towards a Queer Web

moderator discussion

Riding SideSaddle*

a hybrid novel

the past

Digital Art

guest lecture university

with professor Erin Costello at Colorado University

&Now Festival: Making a Small Press Work

moderator panel

Intro to Digital Media for Humanities

guest lecture university

with professor Lori Emerson at Colorado University

Vicious Trap: A Murder One Less

lighting design theatre

Countdown to Zero: The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui

technical director theatre

Theatreworks: Dar al-Harb

assistant media designer theatre

Countdown to Zero: My Name Is Rachel Corrie

tour manager & technical director theatre

New World Arts: Every Other Day

writer theatre/chapbook
  • Kennedy Center ACTF: [finalist] Best One-Act Play
  • Pinchpenny Press: Chapbook

New World Arts: Daffodil MF

writer theatre/film
  • shortfilmfest03: Audience Choice Award
  • Kennedy Center ACTF: [finalist] Best 10-Minute Play

New World Arts: The House of Yes

lighting design & assistant director theatre

New World Arts: Danny and the Deep Blue Sea

lighting design theatre

Pittsburgh City Theatre 4x5 Festival: Another Round

assistant director theatre